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PSC Blog #6 - Job Posting & Resumes

Dear Church,

The Pastor Search Committee (PSC) is about to reach a very important milestone in our search process and we wanted to take a moment to update everyone on our progress. As explained in previous blogs, we have been going through a very deliberate process in an effort to ensure we identify the man God has chosen to be our next pastor. Every step we take is bathed in prayer as we seek to ensure that we’re directly within God’s plan. Our motto has been, and will continue to be, “God’s Man, God’s Time, No Exceptions”.  We, as a committee, regularly repeat that phrase and have been intentional about voicing that sentiment, both individually and collectively, as we pray. We are unified in our desire to be so in tune with the Holy Spirit that God’s divine appointment with the man who will be our next pastor simply cannot be missed. God is now, even as this is read, preparing the man he has decided will be our next pastor so that he will be ready to lead us; He is also preparing our Church to be led by His man. God’s timing is perfect and we are fully confident that He is in control and leading us.

At our most recent meeting, we reflected on the “I Will Statements” Dr. Wolfe shared with us when he first began as our interim pastor. They are as follows: 1. In every impossible circumstance, I will patiently wait for God to do what only He can do. 2. I will not be a pawn in the enemy’s war; I will be an agent of peace in God’s victory. 3. I will let go of yesterday’s regrets, be sensitive to today’s graces, and keep an expectant eye on tomorrow’s promises. 4. I will allow God to mold and shape whatever He wants in the present as He prepares us for the future.

We wanted to share those as a reminder that we are all part of this process; that we all must allow God to lead and prepare us. We once again ask that you join with us in prayer, perhaps reflecting on the statements above, as we continue walking through this process.

Within the next week we will be officially posting our job announcement and soliciting resumes in response to that announcement. Our announcement will remain open until approximately March 20th. It’s very exciting to have finally reached that milestone! Once our announcement has closed, we will begin methodically and prayerfully evaluating all of the resumes submitted. Obviously, this is a critical time in the pastor search process. As such, we are once again asking you all to join us in prayer. While we are waiting for our announcement to close, the PSC will continue to meet on Sunday’s for the purpose of prayer. We are extending an invitation for everyone to join with us on Sunday’s (2 PM, Room 115) between now and March 20th as we pray.

It is truly exciting to see how God is moving in First Baptist Burkburnett. The morale of the church family is extremely high, men and women of God are praying, and there is excitement in the air as we eagerly anticipate God doing mighty things as we search for our next senior pastor. What a mighty God we serve!

In Him,

Pastor Search Committee

Rusty Midgett Billie Gorham Jan Holtzen Danny TaylorAnita Owen David Stout Tony Dimarzio Jimmy Beeson


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