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PSC Blog #11- Final Steps

Dear Church,

A lot has transpired since our last Blog entry so we will do our best to catch everyone up. We realize everyone is anxious to know what’s going on and what will happen next. In our last entry, we shared that our candidate would be coming to visit FBC Burk and interview in person with the PSC. That visit took place on 18 July and went very well! Our candidate (along with his wife and two children) had the opportunity to meet with the team, walk through each of the church buildings and take a tour of the community. At the conclusion of that visit, it was determined that both parties (the PSC and our Candidate) would spend time in prayer seeking God’s leading as to whether or not we would move forward in the process. Ultimately, 26 July was established as decision day. 

In the interim, the PSC met with both the Personnel and Finance committees to work through the logistics of bringing on a new employee in the event that both the PSC and our Candidate felt led to move forward. We are extremely excited to report that the Pastor Search, Personnel and Finance committees (as well as our Candidate) have unanimously agreed to move forward in the process. This unanimous recommendation will be brought before the church very soon on the day our candidate comes in view of a call. The PSC is more firmly resolved than ever that God has truly shown us His man...we couldn’t be more excited!

We have already started the process of scheduling our candidate to come in view of a call and we will be sharing details concerning that visit in a few weeks. Now, we’re fairly certain that last sentence will have several of you asking why a few weeks? Why not now? Those are fair questions and we can certainly understand everyone being eager to tie a bow on this process....we are as well! However, we’re going to once again ask for your patience, trust and support. Our candidate is faithfully serving a church family that he has called home for a very long time, and while they are eager to potentially join our church family, he has made it clear to the committee that he wants to make the most of what could be his final weeks with that church family. That conviction and sense of loyalty certainly impressed the PSC. It also added to an already impressive list of reasons to thank God for sending this man our way! 

Taking all of that into consideration, we’re once again asking you to be patient for just a little while longer. We can’t thank you enough for the trust you’ve placed in us as a committee. We recognize that at times it’s difficult to trust. We recognize that it’s not easy to wait. We recognize not knowing all of the details can be difficult. We also recognize the importance of the task laid before us as a committee, and we can assure you that we’ve spent hours seeking the Holy Spirit’s leading throughout this process as we have sought God’s Man, in God’s Time, No Exceptions. We unequivocally believe that He has led us to His man!  Now, we patiently wait for His perfect timing. 

In the weeks to come we ask you to continue to pray for the following:

  • Pray that we as a church family will be ready to embrace God’s Man, encourage him (along with his family) and submit ourselves to his authority as our leader.

  • Pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit when the time comes to cast our votes as to whether or not we should call this man as our next Senior Pastor.

  • Pray that FBC Burk will remain unified throughout the final steps of this process.

In Him,

Pastor Search Committee

Rusty Midgett Billie Gorham Jan Holtzen Danny Taylor

Anita Owen David Stout Tony Dimarzio Jimmy Beeson


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