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PSC Blog #10- One Candidate Uniquely

Dear Church,

This particular blog entry is one that we as a committee have been eagerly anticipating since we began this journey several months ago. As mentioned in our last blog, we conducted initial interviews with three candidates this past week. We know that many of you took the time to pray for us while those interviews were being conducted...thank you!  We are excited to report that at the conclusion of those interviews the PSC unanimously identified one candidate to pursue uniquely. The fact that eight committee members (with eight different opinions and perspectives) unanimously identified one candidate (out of seventy-six) to pursue uniquely can be classified as nothing less than a direct answer to prayer! As you continue to pray for us, please keep in mind that at this point we are pouring all of our attention into one candidate to discern whether or not he is our next pastor, and he is prayerfully seeking God’s direction as well, to discern whether or not God is calling him to First Burk.

We still have several steps remaining in this journey. Our next step (one we have already begun to coordinate) is to schedule a time for our candidate to come to FBC Burk and interview in person with the PSC. This will be an opportunity for the PSC to get know the candidate better and to meet his family. Additionally, this will afford them an opportunity to see our facilities and familiarize themselves with the community. At the conclusion of the in-person visit/interview (if both the candidate and the PSC still believe he is the man God has chosen to be our next pastor), we will begin coordinating a time for him to come in view of a call (those details will be outlined in detail for you at a later date).  Additionally, the PSC has already initiated discussions with both the Personnel and Finance committees to ensure that we’re prepared to handle all of those details as they arise.

Ultimately, the decision as to whether or not to call this candidate to be our next Senior Pastor will be turned over to the church. As such, we request that each and every member begin praying that God will open their hearts to the leading of the Holy Spirit. The PSC has prayed, individually and collectively, for months that the Holy Spirit would work in and through this process. It is our firm belief that He has done exactly that and we very much look forward to the day we have the opportunity to present who we unanimously believe to be God’s man, in God’s time, for your consideration.

We still humbly ask that you commit to pray for the following:

  • Pray that our congregation will be ready to support, encourage and join our new Senior Pastor in ministry.

  • Pray for the man God has already identified as our next Senior Pastor. For his family and the church family that he will be leaving.

  • Pray that the enemy will not be granted a foothold to plant seeds of doubt.

  • Pray that the in-person visit/interview goes well and gives confidence and clarity for both the PSC and the candidate, for God’s plan moving forward.

Thank you for your support and encouragement as we continue to work through the process of identifying God’s Man, in God’s Time, No Exceptions!

In Him,

Pastor Search Committee

Rusty Midgett Billie Gorham Jan Holtzen Danny Taylor

Anita Owen David Stout Tony Dimarzio Jimmy Beeson


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