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PSC Blog #5- Status Update

Dear Church,

We as a Pastor Search Committee (PSC) have not communicated with you all in a while so we wanted to give you a quick status update. After a brief hiatus to spend time with family during the Christmas season, the PSC has gotten back to work seeking the man God has chosen to be our next pastor. Last week, we met with the church staff to get their insight concerning the qualities and characteristics most important to them as it pertains to our future pastor. This past Sunday, we began developing interview questions. Over the next couple of weeks we will be putting the finishing touches on the Church Profile, Pastoral Profile and our bank of interview questions. It’s extremely exciting to be making progress and moving forward in this process! As exciting as it is, we’re also keenly aware of the importance of relying on God to lead us as we move forward. We have individually and collectively prayed that each of us will set aside self and fully embrace the leading of the Holy Spirit. We would ask that you as the church join with us in praying for the following:

*That God will grant us wisdom and discernment. 

* That the PSC will be so in tune with the Spirit that when we cross paths with God’s man it will be readily apparent to all of us.

* That satan’s attacks and attempts to thwart our efforts will be fruitless.

* That we as a body remain unified throughout this process.

* That we as a Church are ready to receive the man God has called.

* That we settle for nothing less than God’s Man, God’s Time, No Exceptions.

Each of us truly count it a privilege to represent you in this endeavor. We covet your prayers, encouragement and support. 

In Him,

Pastor Search Committee

Rusty Midgett Billie Gorham Jan Holtzen Danny Taylor

Anita Owen David Stout Tony Dimarzio Jimmy Beeson


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